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Like button as simpler changelog feedback

We would like to receive feedback for changelog items right from the widget, but the current implementation feels sub-optimal for multiple reasons: At least to us, the icons all look rather negative. I know, the third smiley is supposed to be ecsastic, but just from a quick look, I could also see: angry, skeptic, shouting. ;) And even if you "get" the icons, there are still more negative emotions than positive ones. Moreover, for most of our annocements, I would not expect such extreme emotions anyway - rather a spectrum between "indifferent" and "mightly delighted". To me, a "like" or "heart" button would help express this much better. Finally, changelog feedback currently is a multistep process. Clicking the icon asks for additional written feedback. It is not clear to the user (or me) whether feedback already has been submitted at this point. Combined with a way to [give feedback without signing in](, this might lead to a more light weight interaction.