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Sleekplan review (website, user panel, dashboard)

Rating: 3/5 1. Website and overal first impression review Design: 7/10 - Looks clean, professional and has a lack of marketing visuals like a user photos with laptop or office photos smth. Usability: 8/10 - Good. Looks good both on monitor and mobile (should devote more effors to footer links on mobile maybe) Creativity: 6/10 - Dislike. Though the design looks clean and responsive, the colors choice is weird, the design has a lack of marketing visuals with people/users/clients. Content: 7/10 Texts are good, software visuals and graphs are ok, sometimes it's unclear how slogans like 'products will love' connected with the design, the connection has unclear idea. -- Overall mark: ~7 2. After Sign Up. Dashboard The sign up process isn't complecated or quircky. The user panel (dashboard) looks very good (reminds of Slack style) and is easy to use. Hierarchy of the content should maybe would be a little more merged, for example using tabs. All start zeroes of stats are welcoming for data to flow, but it's not the best option, better design is to have this like messages of 'Not yet began to collect data' or 'No results' or else. Feedback looks good. Roadmap and changelog look ok. Settings reviews will be added later. I think the list of prodcuts should be highlighted with a 1px rounded border and should have a major place at the top of the list above Dashboard (maybe) User account item and setting looks good (maybe it's better to have a user icon instead of bell icon). Overall look and feel for User Panel (Dashboard) 4/5