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Add more filter option to NPS/CSAT responses

Currently, while the tool allows us to collect and analyze feedback from our customers, it lacks certain filtering capabilities that could greatly enhance the effectiveness of our analysis process. Let's start with: 1. **Search Function**: A search bar enabling us to quickly locate specific keywords or phrases within the responses. 2. **Filter by Score**: The ability to filter responses based on their NPS or CSAT scores. This filter would enable us to focus on specific score ranges, such as promoters, passives, or detractors, and understand the sentiment behind each group more effectively. 3. **Filter by Segment**: A segmentation filter that allows us to categorize and filter responses based on predefined customer segments. 4. **Filter by Device**: The option to filter responses based on the device used by the customer when providing feedback to identify any device-specific issues and assess the impact of user experience across different platforms. 5. **Filter by Browser**: The ability to filter responses based on the web browser utilized by the customer to identify browser-specific issues.