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Improve UX when submitting Sleekplan suggestion

(Edit: When editing after submitting, I can't even scroll down to the bottom of my post. There's no way to edit the text there.) This is the current UX of submitting an improvement as a new user: • type in the improvement via the widget, under New Suggestion • out of curiosity, click on the General Feedback tab • click back to New Suggestion - all entered text is lost. Very annoying • type in text again and hit Submit • prompted to create account • directed to page that says "it's good to see you again" or something... but I haven't been here before so this makes no sense • create account, am signed up to free trial? All I wanted to do was submit feedback on the product, not sign up • resubmit feedback via widget as I'm doing now, typing out the text AGAIN (as it's not clear whether it was submitted after creating an account) • after writing a certain amount of text, the textbox does not autoscroll to adjust position, hence I have to manually scroll up every 5-6 lines • pretty poor experience overall