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Option for private feedback items

## Problem We have some roadmap items that we don't want to make public but still want to track in Sleekplan. Right now the only way for us to do that is to maintain two separate roadmaps: one in Sleekplan, and one in Notion. That creates more work for the development team, and makes them less likely to invest in Sleekplan implementation. ___________________ ## Example Let's say we have a slight glitch with our UI, a problem with our web app security or a boring error with how one of our workers operates. Our tech team still needs to work and collaborate on that item, but a public roadmap full of those would just end up losing our users; who are more interested in upcoming features and fixes to bugs they've experienced. _______________ ## Proposed solution When one of our team members is signed into and they create a ticket, they have an option to toggle between if that roadmap item is public or private (which is already in place for private comments on roadmap items 😉