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Sleekplan to GitHub Integration: 'Open' Label Automatically Added Despite Disabled Status Update Toggle

**Expected Behavior** When a Sleekplan post is linked to a GitHub issue, no labels should be automatically added if the "Sleekplan > GitHub: Status updates" toggle is disabled in Sleekplan. **Current Behavior** Despite disabling the "Sleekplan > GitHub: Status updates" toggle in Sleekplan, the "Open" label is still automatically added to the GitHub issue when a Sleekplan post is linked. **Possible Solution** Investigate the logic that handles the label addition in the Sleekplan to GitHub integration. Ensure that the label addition respects the status of the "Sleekplan > GitHub: Status updates" toggle. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Go to Sleekplan settings and disable the "Sleekplan > GitHub: Status updates" toggle. 2. Link a Sleekplan post to a GitHub issue. 3. Check the linked GitHub issue. 4. Observe that the "Open" label is automatically added despite the toggle being disabled. **Context (Environment)** This issue affects users who wish to have more control over the labels added to their GitHub issues from Sleekplan. It disrupts workflows by adding unnecessary labels, causing additional manual work to remove them and potentially leading to mismanagement of issue statuses. The user discovered this problem when trying to disable auto-labeling in Sleekplan but found that the integration did not respect the disabled status update setting.