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Groups for Entity-Level Feedback Aggregation

**Description:** We request the addition of "Groups" functionality to Sleekplan, allowing user accounts to be organized into entities such as organizations or companies. This feature would enable the aggregation of feedback at an entity level, providing comprehensive insights and trends for each group. **Problem:** Currently, feedback is only analyzed at the individual user level. This approach limits the ability to understand the broader context of feedback, especially for clients who operate within larger organizations or companies. Without the ability to group users, it is challenging to identify and analyze trends, common issues, or insights that are relevant to specific entities. This gap makes it difficult to address systemic issues or to tailor improvements that benefit entire organizations rather than just individual users. **Benefit:** Implementing Groups will significantly enhance the analytical capabilities of Sleekplan by enabling entity-level feedback aggregation. This feature will: - Improve Insight Accuracy: Allowing for entity-based analysis will provide a clearer picture of the feedback trends and issues within organizations or companies, leading to more accurate and actionable insights. - Tailored Solutions: Organizations will benefit from more targeted improvements and features that address their specific needs and pain points, rather than generic updates.