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Segmented category are not updated in end user pages

### Expected Behavior i have setup three categories in my dashborad, this categories are segmented and match a field in the user data that is updated through the rest api. we would like to be able to change the displayed category in realtime based on the segment i want to update the user data with the rest api to match the categories avaliable to each of my users ### Current Behavior if the end user is already logged, the end user interface is not displaying the right categories based on the custom data the user need to logout and login to refresh the categories. if the page is simply refreshed it does not change the categories. but if i disable (or elable) a segment on a category and simply refresh it instantaly change on the user interface. on the admin interface when i display the list of user of a segment, the rights users are shown. ### Possible Solution ### Steps to Reproduce 1. create two categories 2.create two segment 3.assign each segment to each category 4.match the segment condition for a category 5. login as a end user, you should see the category 6. match the segment condition for the second category 7. refresh the end user post interface you should see both category but it's does not. 8. go to the segment page and show users, you will see the use as expected 9. now logout and login you should be able to see the right category on the end user page (EDIT sometime it doesn't show) ### Context (Environment) i am trying to only display category that relate to a user