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When editing the website settings, you can't save HTML changes and Custom CSS is apparently not working

### Current Behavior In the website until last week, I inserted my custom style on the Custom HTML > Head section and it was working perfectly, today I see that I can now set a custom CSS in the Custom HTML > Custom CSS section, but now my personalised style it's not working on either of these sections. In the HTML sections, it says that I'm including JavaScript code, when I am not, no matter what I write. And in the CSS, I write it, it saves, but it doesn't overwrite the current CSS of the preview page (Edit: later tested it and Custom CSS does make effect on the published version of the page for end-users, but not on the preview). ### Possible Solution You can try it yourselves, if you need to try it in my account, you can contact me freely. The "Custom HTML" in the page designer is just not working at all. ### Steps to Reproduce 1. Access and click Website settings, or directly 2. On the left side, access Custom HTML 3. Try to set any custom HTML or CSS and press Save 4. Check if it works on the page ### Context Using a custom domain in configuration