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Segmented changelog updates are not visible on website

### Expected Behavior Changelog website should show all updates to anonymous users, regardless of segmenation. Sleekplan is unable to apply segmentation rules to anonymous users, so it should just show all updates. ### Current Behavior Changelog website is not showing any segmented updates for anonymous (not logged in) users. ### Possible Solution Add a setting or change the default behaviour for segmentation and the "not logged in" status of visitors. This is specifically a website issue for us, but could also be applied to the widget. This could also be solved with a Segmentation rule "logged in" and "not logged in". With these rules one can create a segment with complex rules and add a match type "any" at the highest level with the complex rules on one side and "not logged in" on the other. ### Context (Environment) We have a SaaS product and use Sleekplan to show updates to existing users. These users are segmented, could be an account user or an employee. We show some updates to the employees and others to account users. We want to use the Sleekplan website to show all updates to marketing website visitors (possibly new clients), to give them an idea about the updates we have rolled out in the past. These website visitors are not logged in and should be able to see all updates.