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CRM Email Integration

By having product update information sent via email to users via Sleekplan, it makes it hard for us to know in HubSpot (or any CRM) which customers have seen which updates. Sending email via HubSpot SMTP or at least being able to insert some tracking code would be useful. 1. Send email via HubSpot SMTP - this is probably the hardest to implement, and probably unnecessary as I'm typing out other options 2. Tracking code - maybe we could implement this ourselves in email templates by referencing user data. Do we have access to user data set via jwt? 3. Enable global BCC - HubSpot allows for some limited email references by simply adding a bcc (e.g. {hubspot-id} It doesn't enable tracking, but at least will show up in in our CRM as an email being sent to someone. 4. Add a webhook event for when a user sees a changelog item I think #2 and #3 should be doable without a ton of integration work. #2 just requires that we set user attributes correctly in our integration, and #3 would just be 1 new field in email settings. Those both also should work with any CRM