NEW User Segmentation 🕵️‍♀️

With our user segmentation you can bucketing users into groups based on common characteristics (e.g., plan, region, age, device, or behavior). Segmentation allows for better insights based on user traits or behaviors so that each segment can be treated with a more customer-centric approach.

You can make use of our predefined fields or create your own fields, which can be passed to Sleekplan via the single sign-on feature, for example.

Segmentation is avavilible for:

  • CSAT-Dashbaord
  • Feedback
  • Contacts
NEW Scheduled Updates & More 🕙

Today we are happy to announce one of the most requested features here at Sleekplan. You now can schedule changelog updates and combine multiple updates into one notification.

🕙 Scheduled Updates: Create updates and schedule to be published at a specific day and time. Puplish posts and send announcements at the perfect time to increase reach.

⏳ Notification Queue: Combine multiple updates on the same day within one email notification. All updates in the notification queue will be send out at 7:00 AM UTC.

NEW Merge Posts - Act on Behalf

🆕 Act on Behalf: This feature enables you to track the feedback you get from other channels. Create new suggestions and vote for existing ones on behalf of your user.

🆕 Merge Posts: Got duplicate requests? No problem! You can merge a duplicate into another post. Merging will combine the votes and subscriber.

NEW Open Graph image

We have added Open Graph images to the standalone board. The images are dynamically generated depending on your logo/icon and brand color.

NEW 📝 Advanced editor for Feedback and Changelog Updates

We have a new advanced editor to compose feedback posts and changelog updates. The editor is now availible on the admin app as well as the customer-facing standalone board and widget.

NEW Social share buttons for suggestions and changelog updates

We have added support for share buttons on suggestions and changelog updates. You can enable or disable these option on your product settings!

NEW New languages 🇩🇪 German, 🇪🇸 Spanish, and 🇫🇷 French

Today we have released translations for Sleekplan boards. The first two translations are now available. Which translation should we add next, we are waiting for your suggestions.

NEW Autocomplete on @mentions 🔎

Adding autocomplete for @mentions on the admin app and widget

NEW Add localhost support for the $sleek JavaScript SDK

Developers be happy 👨‍💻, our JavaScript SDK now works on localhost, too

NEW Add feedback owner

Structure your feedback more easily and distribute your tasks by assigning an owner from your team to certain feedback posts

NEW User list for the admin interface
NEW Kanban board style for the roadmap
NEW Reply by email for comments
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