A bunch of Improvements

One of the biggest driving forces of new developments and improvements is the feedback we receive from you - our users and customers. Our team feeds heavily off the demands of this feedback as a source of inspiration to improve our products in line with needs. In recent days we've added some minur features, improvements, and bug fixes.

πŸš€ New Features

  • New option to disable Changelog subscriptions
  • New option to get public post links on the admin dashbaord

⭐️ Improvements

  • Improved UI for submitting customer feedback
  • Improved ranking for trending posts
  • Search results now includes incomplete words
  • Let admin user access Workspace settings

πŸ‘Ή Bug fixes

  • Post merging issue
  • Duplicate changelog updates on save as draft
  • Date recognition error on post ETA
Advanced Private Boards

Today we introduce improved privacy options to limit access to your board! Share your feedback board, roadmap, and changelog with your audience in a completely private way.

πŸ”’ Limited access to your existing users (Single sign‑on)
Grant access to anyone who has been identified via single sign‑on.
πŸ”’ Limited access to a particular team/company
Grant access to anyone who has an @company.com email address.
πŸ”’ Password protection
Grant access to anyone who has the password.

Improved Discussions

πŸ”’ Internal Comment: Add a comment to a post that can only be seen internally by team members! Sometimes you might want to add a comment to a post that can't be seen publicly. Discussing solutions with your team or assign action items to a team member is now even more simple!

πŸ“ Pin Comments Pin important comments at the start of your discussions. Sometimes important information gets buried by other comments. For example, you might want to keep a status update visible at the top of a post. Well, now you can!

Public Kanban Roadmap 🚧

We have the Kanban styled Roadmap ready for your standalone page. Its easy to switch between the new Kanban and List style. Just head over to the standalone page settings and try it!

Footer Links & more for the Standalone Page

Introducing new settings options to make the standalone page even better.

  • Add custom footer links
  • Add custom script-tags and CSS to the <header> HTML section of your standalone page
Improved CSAT-Dashbaord

We have completely redesigned the CSAT-dashbaord to make it simple, to get valuable insights form your satisfaction stats.

Newly added:

  • Quick Reactions overview
  • Satisfaction Gauge
  • Performance Increasment/Decreasment
  • Historical view
Fixed issues with changing usernames from the admin app

We have added a validation of usernames in the admin section.

Updated UI for the standalone widget
Custom satisfaction votes

You can now categorize satisfaction votes to get even better results (e.g. for your registration process, a specific feature or your pricing strategy)

Added support for markdown in comments

You can now use the markdown language in comments and feedback descriptions

Add dark mode for the widget 🌚

We have recently added a dark mode option for the widget, would love to hear your feedback

Flip the direction of the feedback button
Auto update changelog

Automatically add items marked as "completed" to your product changelog

Widget positions

The widget can now be placed dynamically

Auto log updates in comments

Status updates can be added automatically to the comments

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