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Managing different Audiences from one Board 🍥

![changelog_imagr.jpg](BASE/products/1/changelog/9817/inline-d9746db439b162f87531e20e639c9344.jpg) Hey y'all! 👋 Easter is over and the Easter-🐰 has come up with a cool new feature: **Managing different audiences from one board is getting even better with segmentation**! Now you can specifiy a segment *for each category*. This means: Only users matching a specified segment will be able to see posts, submit suggestions or receive changelog updates for a category. Email notifications for the changelog will only go out to subscibers matching a segment. With this, you can now serve different user groups via one board and display different content for each 🙌 Amazing, isn't it? If you haven't set up an user segment yet -> [Get started here!](