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March Updates

![march updates](BASE/products/1/changelog/9155/inline-80612354f3aac89a1395adcf42e37d49.jpg) **🆕 SORT COMMENTS** Easily sort comments by most recent and oldest. The new sorting function makes it easier to keep up with long and rambling discussions. [feedback: 3919] **🆕 CUSTOM HTML** Add custom HTML to the standalone website (i.e. to include your own website header) **🆕 FEEBACK POST EXCERPT** Option to show a short excerpt on the feedback list. We have introduced a new option that allows you to display a short paragraph below the title - users can quickly find out what the post is about. [feedback: 34] **🆕 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE** Organizational structure for enterprises. Manage larger teams and different workspaces easily via an organizational structure. ## Improvements • Some minor design improvements for standalone websites • Incredible performance update for standalone websites [feedback: 13502] • Open changelog updates in preview mode from the admin dashbaord [feedback: 9379] • New direct link to jump to the related changelog update from an CSAT-survey • Bug fix that prevents the sidebar from loading on standalone websites