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![variables for personalization](BASE/products/1/changelog/32180/inline-7ed412d61b75c49211d1af40b2d65b28.jpg) Personalizing content using variables Now, you can add variables to your in-app popups and widget to make them far more engaging and effective. Currently supprted Widget title & description as well as all popup content! The syntax for variables is `{ variable_name | fallback }`. So if you want to start your text saying `Hi Marco` you can do `Hi {user_first_name | there}`. Click here to learn more about variables. In-depth information now availible for Announcements: A list of users seen an announcement. We do also track statuses for announcements so you can see if a user closed, or opened the annaouncement. Popups: A list of users seen a popup. We do also track statuses for popups, as well. So you can see if a popup was (1) delivered once we show the popup, (2) closed once the user closed the popup, (3) started once the user started inetacting with the popup content/action, (4) completed once the user completed the required action. E-Mail Notifications: A list of emails send out to the users Views: A list of users viewed a specific post, or changelog update! ![Sleekplan post stats](BASE/products/1/changelog/32180/inline-aefec42111c9c98652af3e752c57b2f1.jpg) All this information is now also avilible at the user profile, so you can see at a galance which emails the user have received last, which pages they viewed, or which in-app announcments and popups the have seen and their ineraction with it. New filters for popups - Segment: Sent popups only to specific user segments. - Follow up: to send a popup again after certain intervals, if the user doesnt completed a action (i.e. subscribe zo changelog, sent a NPS score, etc.). You can define a follow up interval (based on minutes, hours and days) as well as the max follow up times. - Repeat: Repeat a popup flow after given time. (i.e start a new flow each 60 days) This will also reset the Follow up interval if one is defined. An example would be to send out an NPS survey every 3 month and having an follow up interval of 3 days and try it for 4 times. If the user doesnt give an NPS rating the whole process will start over after 3 month. ![Popup filter options](BASE/products/1/changelog/32180/inline-33986792e680811121d9c4e584220265.jpg) See a list of recently exported files for the whole team. Now you dont need to check your email for your exported files. You can find them right on your export settings page. SO you dont have to do them over and over again. ![Exported files](BASE/products/1/changelog/32180/inline-be86ac7ee2969fad27419af4fd53d0ca.jpg)