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Custom File Uploads, Quarter and Month-based Roadmap & More

Hey Sleekplan Fam! 👋 We're back with some exciting updates that are sure to level up your Sleekplan experience. From custom file uploads to revamped roadmap views and more, we've been hard at work to bring you the tools you need. ## 📎 Custom File Uploads ![custom file uploads](BASE/products/1/changelog/32026/inline-c1af910a135c3e91fa387f8a9f9f68a6.jpg) **Expanded File Type Support**: Now you can upload way more file types than before! No need to stress about file formats - whether it's PDFs, videos, text files, or anything else, Sleekplan's got your back. Simply tweak the list of allowed file types: Just hit up Settings > General > Uploads and add your fave extensions separated by commas [or learn more on how to set up custom file types.]( ## 🗓️ Quarter and Month-based Roadmap ![quarter and month based roadmap](BASE/products/1/changelog/32026/inline-f01e41942751b05913ab4e6a9b2bc5f7.jpg) We're stepping up our game with the roadmap view! Now, besides the usual status-based view, you can also peep at Quarter and Month-based roadmaps. Set ETA dates on your posts and see them laid out neatly. This feature ain't just for the admin squad - it's available for the dashboard and frontend. ## 🏷️ Option to Make Internal Tags Visible to Users ![custom tags](BASE/products/1/changelog/32026/inline-0281ae66979b980ee0e6a134b24d0678.jpg) No more secrets! You can now let end-users see those internal tags. Decide if they can just filter by custom tags or assign them to new posts too. ## Minor Changes - **Personal Filter**: End-Users can now filter to see their own posts, votes, and commented posts. - **Moderation Tools**: In the moderation view, you can now edit a comment or post before approving it. - **Customized Priority Voting**: Added the option to disable and rename priority voting options. - **Announcement Control**: Now, you can toggle announcements on and off when editing already published changelog posts. That's all for now - Stay tuned, stay Sleek!✌️