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This. Is. Huge! Customize your Board & Widget Home Screen.

We're happy to announce one of the biggest updates to the widget within the last months. First, it is now possible to set a custom home screen for your board. You can choose a start screen from the following options: 1. **Feedback Board** 2. **Roadmap** 3. or **Changelog** However, you can do even more with your home using your in-app widget: ## 🔥 Advanced Home Screen for Widgets! Serve your website visitors and customers needs with an advanced home experience. You can set up quick actions for different operations. You could think of something like sending *suggestions* or *bugs* to your board, but even additional options: For example a *link to your help docs* or *support* - everything is possible! ![User feedback tool](BASE/products/1/changelog/2848/inline-e26dab2c2141912aec01be908f822b25.jpg) **Adding those actions to your home screen *helps visitors and customers find what they’re looking for quickly* - so they can do more than giving feedback.** ![Settings.png](BASE/products/1/changelog/2848/inline-1ff7c538dcf37f19f8941e8a6e88b1a2.jpg) ### 🚀 Give it a try! To customize your Boards' home, go to your Widget & Website settings and select "[Home screen]("