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Sleekplan Widget: More Powerful and User-Focused Than Ever! 🌟

![widget-updates](BASE/products/1/changelog/26697/inline-3fdb9ffccebdf973717d72feb5b6a21c.jpg) We're excited to introduce a set of powerful enhancements that will transform how you interact with the Sleekplan widget. Say hello to a widget that's more user-focused, intuitive, and tailored to your unique needs! --- ## 📜 Extended View for Announcements Say goodbye to the tiny widget window! We've revamped the way you view changelog posts within the widget and announcements. Now, when you click on a post, it gracefully expands into a more reader-friendly format with a larger display. Plus, we've stripped away any distracting brand colors to keep it clean and distraction-free, allowing users to immerse themselves in the content. ![extended-view](BASE/products/1/changelog/26697/inline-a2e51bb271dcbe0a2fde8e98bb80d4bc.gif) --- ## 🟢 Persistent Popups Across Pageviews We've tackled a common pain point head-on. No more worrying about popups and in-app announcements disappearing after a single page change. This is especially crucial for power users who navigate swiftly through non-SPAs. Notifications will now remain active until users consciously hit the "close" button or take the specific action related to the popup (like opening a post from an announcement popup). [feedback: 89180] --- ## ⭐️ Enhanced Action Screens We've taken your love for the action screen to heart and made it even more user-friendly. Packed with handy action items, the action screen streamlines your widget experience. And here's the icing on the cake: for "Open Posts" and "Open Changelog" actions, we've introduced the "Extended Preview" option. Now, you can directly access a concise list of entries without the need to open the action, saving your users' time and clicks. ![widget-updates-2](BASE/products/1/changelog/26697/inline-d32d1f2079f24460ca176e07b4d335b0.jpg) --- ## 🎯 Segmentation for Action Screens Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach! We understand the importance of delivering a personalized experience, and that's why we've introduced "Segmentation for Action Screens". Now, you have the power to finely tune your widget's behavior, ensuring that the right actions are presented to the right users. [feedback: 26456]