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![inline-2bdc76a884157c0464e5d5e926a245ff.jpg](BASE/products/1/changelog/15510/inline-e5c359d1c66c34057f9a045e169bc231.jpg) **We're excited to announce an awesome new feature for the in-app widget: the ability to take and annotate screenshots. This is going to make the in-app widget even more awesome! 🔥** Now your users can snap a pic of any screen in the app and add text or drawings to highlight specific areas or explain things. This is super useful for creating instructional materials or giving feedback on a design. Imagine being able to draw arrows or circles around something you want to point out, or adding a note to give more context. It's like having a virtual highlighter and sticky notes all in one! To use it, just embed the in-app widget and activate the annotation tool. Users can then select the screenshot annotation tool from within the post creation form. [Screenshot option →]( [feedback: 4024]