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Unveiling Our October Updates: What's New and Improved

![october updates](BASE/products/1/changelog/15322/inline-dbf112cca8daf7c3c2a52e27010b3ddd.jpg) Sleekplan got packed with new features, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance your feedback and collaboration experience. ## 💡 Streamlined Changelog Management Experience a sleeker and more intuitive changelog overview in our admin interface. Your updates are now neatly organized for improved clarity. Plus, we've made managing "draft" posts a breeze by displaying them prominently at the top of your list. ## 📂 New API Endpoints for Vote, CSAT and NPS Introducing new API endpoints to elevate your customer satisfaction and NPS tracking. - Post vote API Endpoint: Create & list votes - Satisfaction API Endpoint: Create & list satisfaction responses - NPS API Endpoint: Create & list NPS responses Check out our [API Docs]( for more information! ## 💬 Direct Link to Comments No more hunting for comments! If you've been mentioned in a comment, simply follow the direct link to instantly load and engage with it. Say goodbye to endless scrolling in search of that specific comment. ## 😍 Better looking Changelog Reactions Our changelog reactions have received a makeover! They now seamlessly integrate with our design, providing a more visually appealing experience. Plus, we've replaced the comment input with a spacious text field, allowing your users to express themselves freely. ## 🎨 Revamped Email Templates We've given our email templates a complete facelift, with fresh copy and captivating designs for both admin and user emails. If you've made any customizations to your email templates, ensure they are compatible with our new designs. --- ## But wait, there's more! **1. Better Open Graph Images:** Our open graph images for the standalone page have been refined for a more appealing and engaging appearance when shared on social media and other platforms. **2. Session Functionality:** We've resolved a pesky session bug, ensuring smooth widget functionality even during local development and testing. **3. Jira Integration:** Our Jira integration has received an upgrade - Now you can expect seamless collaboration between Sleekplan and Jira, as we've added the ability to add comments when a post is created from - or linked to - a post on Sleekplan. **4. Edit Action Items:** Goodbye, delete-and-recreate! We've listened to your feedback and added an edit button for action items. This improvement makes it easier than ever to refine and modify your action items without the need for cumbersome workarounds. **5. SEO Enhancements:** We've significantly improved the SEO of the standalone website, making its content more accessible and readable for web crawling bots. **6. Wildcard Domains Support:** Now, you can use wildcard `(*)` for domains, not just in the URL part. This enhancement provides greater flexibility in defining which domains the Sleekplan widget should be active on. **7. Translation Updates:** We've added some missing translations to ensure a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for your international user base. --- We value your feedback, and it plays a crucial role in shaping Sleekplan's future. Here is some of the feedback that contributed to this release: [feedback: 76785] [feedback: 63363] [feedback: 8634] [feedback: 24995]