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December Updates 🎄🎆

![December updates](BASE/products/1/changelog/14901/inline-861aa14463b1ffbf9e51bf80df1b9897.jpg) Hey there! We're excited to share the latest Sleekplan updates with you. In this December update, you'll find all the new features and improvements we've been working on. We hope these changes will make using Sleekplan even better for you. Thanks for all your feedback! **Data Exports** Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your workflows. Easily extract and share important data with colleagues, or save it for your own record keeping. The new Export Feature is a highly anticipated addition to the Sleekplan settings. It allows you to easily and quickly export data from the Feedback Board, Changelog, User accounts and Surveys from your product to CSV. [Export Settings →]( **New API Docs** Finally, our new, polished up API docs: We have completely overhauled and redesigned our documentation to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. The new API docs include clear and concise explanations of each endpoint and how to use them, as well as detailed examples and code snippets to help developers get started quickly. We have also added a new search function to make it easier for users to find the information they need. We believe these updates will greatly improve the developer experience and make it easier for users to integrate our API into their projects. [API-Docs →]( **Auto Subscribe: Improve communication and keep everyone up to date!** With the new "Auto Subscribe New Users" option, any new users who create an account on your feedback baord will automatically be subscribed to receive changelog updates and notifications from you. This will help ensure that all of your users are kept informed about important updates, new features, or announcements. To manage their subscription preferences, users can simply visit their account settings and adjust their notification settings as desired. [Auto Subscribe Settings →]( **RSS feed: Make it easier for users to stay up-tp-date!** We are happy to announce the addition of an RSS feed for the changelog. With this feature, users can now subscribe to receive updates to the changelog via their preferred RSS reader. This will allow your users to stay informed about new updates and changes to the platform in a way that is convenient for them. To access the RSS feed, add /rss.xml to your changelog URL. I.e. [**/rss.xml**]( [feedback: 30944]