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September Updates

![september updates](BASE/products/1/changelog/12207/inline-f1dd02a133f8eb612086fa736380d83f.jpg) Happy Monday! 👋 We have a few updates and bug fixes to share with you, to help kick off the new week. Let's start with a few improvements and features that we have shipped recently. --- ## Moved static resources to Sleekplan To prevent the loading of external libraries, we moved all external resources from **rsms** and **** to ****. No need to give permissions to other libraries. [feedback: 25695]   ## New option to set the SSO-token using Bearer header or POST data Setting SSO-tokens for the standalone page got a security upgrade. You don't need to set tokens using an URL parameter. Now you can pass tokens by doing a POST request or set the token as a Bearer token. Read more on our [single sign-on docs]( [feedback: 38663]   ## New $sleek SDK methods The $sleek SDK has been slightly reduced in size and also received two new methods - `rebind()` *to rebind data-attributes* and `shutdown()` *to turn off the widget and remove all HTML elements*. Learn more about these two methods on our [developer docs](   ## View and cancel pending team invites Until now, sending invitations to team members was a rather intransparent process - This is now a thing of the past! Pending invitations are now displayed on the team page and can even be canceled so that you always have an accurate overview of your pending invitations!   ## Split changelog updates with separators A new option to use separators has been implemented in the Changelog. Separator helps you to visually separate various parts of your release notes. This is useful for such cases when parts of a document are not connected and should differ e.g. by the type of information (Bug fixes, Features..). To add a division separator you need to use the markdown syntax `---` [feedback: 19044]   ## Keep up with your community. Improved personal notifications will help you to stay up to date with your feedback community. Easily check new, unread and unopened notifications 👀 --- ## Bug fixes 👹 - **Zapier:** A bug with the Zapier integration prevented the creation of multiple zaps on the same event. - **Changelog module:** On the standalone board and in the widget, posts were not loading when accessing a direct link (affected posts that were older than 365 days) - **Account deletion:** After deleting enduser accounts - in some cases -the "full name"-field did not get anonymized. - **Update Credit Cards:** Upon changing credit card data, the new card wasn't displayed in the dashboard. - **Accidental deletion of text in changelog updates:** A bug has been reported by some users causing random text deletion when saving changelog posts.