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Enhanced Moderation 🛡

![community moderation feature](BASE/products/1/changelog/10262/inline-5e369c35149f3228f74286923242a039.jpg) We have improved the community moderation. From now on you can moderate comments as well as posts to keep your feedback community clean. **Bad Words List**: In addition, we have introduced a bad words list. The list simplifies the moderation for you. You can define comma-separated words that trigger moderation. Other comments and posts will be approved instantly. This saves you the work of moderating every single post. **Quick Moderation Feed**: While we are at it: Yes 😄! Finally, there is a simple way to moderate posts & comments. If you have enabled moderation in the [settings](, a new option will be available from your dashboard sidebar - a quick overview of all contributions that need to be moderated. [feedback: 18980]